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STREAM Training

The STREAM Certification training is an innovative, two-year learning program, designed for health professionals from all backgrounds.


STREAM Certification is available to students who successfully complete all requirements in both years one and two of the STREAM training.

Your first year is about connecting the dots and re-framing.

Learn about the four essential domains of health

by experiencing STREAM wellness practices first-hand.

In your second year, prepare for the professional application of

your learning inside of your chosen STREAM Certification focus. 

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STREAM Certification Training is a two-year process that gets results you can feel in your body and put to work in your practice. Our program includes online study and in-person workshops, as well as personal & professional development.

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Your first year is about absorption, learning, and doing. Our online course delivers an understanding of the nature of scar tissue and its relationship with full-body health by focusing on anatomy, physiology, and interpersonal work. 

First Year students participate in regular mentorship calls and one to two workshops

in Ashland.

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STREAM live workshops reinforce your online experience by providing an opportunity for hands-on learning. We honor diverse learning styles, providing frequent feedback and contact with students.

All First Year students will attend one live workshop in Oregon as part of their training.

Certification candidates will attend one or more additional workshops in Year Two, based on their chosen certification track.

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Year Two puts STREAM to work in your practice. Professional supervision, business coaching, and workshops give you what need to succeed. Second year work includes practice sessions & case studies.

Second Year students fulfill certification requirements & receive professional supervision, attending one or more workshops to hone skills & receive embodied feedback.

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STREAM certifies Health Coaches,

Bodyworkers, and Pelvic Care Specialists upon completion of each respective certification's requirements. Each program is outlined in detail on the STREAM Certification page.

When you complete both years of training and meet all the requirements for your chosen certification, you will be eligible to become a Certified STREAM Practitioner.

Invest in Your Growth & Development

Pursuing STREAM Training (and getting Certified!)

is an investment in yourself and your practice.

Cost depends on your certification option, but monthly payments make it easy!
First-Year students pay $545 monthly

which includes access to the online curriculum, mentorship, and coaching calls, and

STREAM Workshop I, Bodies, Bones & Trauma

Partial scholarships available for BIPOC students

Second-Year students pay monthly based on their chosen certification track and configuration of STREAM Workshops. Contact Ellen To learn how you CAN afford STREAM.

A Personal & Professional Learning Experience
Unlike Any Other

STREAM is a cutting-edge, embodied training method that gets results. This training is for people who want to connect real dots between cause and effect. For students who value experiential learning, it's a breath of fresh air.

During Year-One mentorship, you'll learn incredible things. We teach you how anatomy, physiology, scar tissue, individual biochemistry, posture, and embodied psychology inter-relate.
Learn to see beyond symptoms into their deeper causes,
while you experience the interconnected nature of health.

No doubt you'll also
experience some personal growth while you're at it!

When you're ready to put STREAM to work in your professional practice, continue into Year Two. Choose your certification track and apply STREAM principles in professional practice with business coaching and workshops tailored to the specific needs of your chosen specialty!

Embrace holistic inclusion
& step outside of the conventional box 


Putting STREAM to Work in Your Work

STREAM is a unique marriage of philosophy and methodology developed by Ellen Heed. It can be applied to many complaints and circumstances. Learn to remediate physical scar tissue throughout the body, particularly the pelvis. Recognize and understand how addressing unseen scar tissue caused by trauma, along with balancing

four essential domains of health bring grace, strength and radiance, empowering the whole person. 

Without a doubt–whether your practice involves no physical contact, you work hands-on, or you engage internal scars, STREAM will enrich both your personal and professional growth and development.

STREAM training is built on these three foundational tenants:

1. As practitioners, we've walked the walk of what we recommend for our clients

2. We meet clients where they are, assessing their story and state (we'll teach you how!)

                           3. We remediate, educate, and empower                              

(because genuine empowerment and autonomy hold the keys to health and well-being)

STREAM training will make you a more confident human being and practitioner.


Won't you join us? 

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STREAM Training 

A unique, two-year program that engages both personal and professional development, STREAM will empower you, making you a stronger practitioner.
Learn about four essential domains of health, the nature of scar tissue, and how to remediate it

in yourself - and in others.

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