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Scar Tissue Treatment & Education

STREAM stands for "Scar Tissue Remediation, Education, and Management."
It's the brainchild of Ellen Heed, Ph.D.

Ellen has deep experience integrating bodywork with whole health. Her hands-on, hands-in, and instructional modalities include craniosacral work, Sexological Bodywork, yoga and breathwork, deep tissue and emotional release work, as well as whole health coaching and client education. Her personal embodiment practices include daily breathwork and meditation, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet, mindful sexuality, and Gyrotonic.
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Ellen Heed

Ellen's been educating students and clients about how to attain radiant health since 1999. Using keen perceptual skills to accurately assess the needs of both students and clients, Ellen connects the dots and facilitates successful outcomes for health issues ranging from chronic pain and sexual dysfunction to nutritional imbalances and dislodging stuck emotions.
"Ellen surpasses expectations every time.
Her knowledge and insight are unparalleled.
She is intuitive, inquisitive, and empathetic."

Ellen has pioneered new techniques for scar remediation for birth and other pelvic floor injuries. She's a leading anatomy educator who has trained yoga teachers, Sexological Bodyworkers, and other somatic professionals in the US and around the world. Her eclectic background includes intensive studies in ballet and modern dance, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, electronic musical instrument production, high fashion design and production, human anatomy, craniosacral work, Shiatsu, yoga, world botanical medicines, deep tissue work, and energy-healing modalities.


To resolve painful scar tissue, Ellen developed her unique synthesis of Sexological Bodywork and mapping strategies to treat the body, the psyche, and scar tissue, allowing space for trauma to unwind. After more that ten thousand hours spent working hands-on and hands-in, she knows in her bones that accurate listening and compassionate touch communicate that each body knows how to heal. Some of the therapeutic techniques used in her process include tissue-listening skills from the craniosacral tradition and deep structural work that optimizes alignment of the jaw, head, neck, pelvis, and spine.


Ellen holds a Ph.D. in Somatic Psychology, and her somatic certifications include Shiatsu Specialist, Forrest Yoga & Anatomy Instructor, Private Post Secondary Anatomy Instructor in the State of California, Visionary Craniosacral Work, Sexological Bodywork, and Gyrotonic. Ellen has taught Pain & Orthopedic Evaluation, Physiology, Pathology, Craniosacral Therapy, and Functional Anatomy to yoga teachers, Sexological Bodyworkers, birth-workers, and a multitude of other somatic explorers worldwide.

Now living in Ashland, Oregon, Ellen leads the STREAM Certification Program and contributes her expertise as a guest teacher for programs at the leading edge of embodied learning.

"Ellen is incredible! Her knowledge of the human body—
and each individual human body is astounding!"

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