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“I feel alive and strong since my treatments. I don’t feel broken anymore. Broken felt old, unattractive and dull and that is not what I wanted to continue feeling. I want to be sexually active and feeling good about my body. My body feels pretty much back to how it felt prior to giving birth. As for scar tissue pain, there is zero now. This is a huge accomplishment given the state I was in before. My libido increased after the discovery that my pain was gone. My sexual life has improved 98%.”

/// Lucy Lewis

“It is said that the journey on the path starts with a single step. And better still is a forward step with an exquisite companion. On my healing path every single person has been helpful, but Ellen Heed has been essential. The blessing of her deep knowledge, her trailblazing and inquisitive mind and her gentle hands has singularly activated the most important healing of my mind, body and spirit. The understanding that scar tissue follows lines of belief blew my mind and opened a whole new level of psycho-soma in me. Working internally with fearlessness and kindness, Ellen’s technology completely retraced and shifted old patterns and pain. In three sessions I also moved out of a state of referred pain that had moved into the sacrum and psoas and settled there.”

/// Hedda Moye Leonardi

Miracle Worker

Ellen found a 2nd-degree internal tear, massaged it, and help it dissolve. She also fixed my tilted cervix to be straight and identified an acute bladder prolapse, and massaged out areas of my cesarean scar tissue internally and externally. When I stood up, the tightness I felt had disappeared. I was able to feel my overall weight distribution wasn't pulling tight in my womb area but lifting me taller even. She is brilliant and every woman should see her after any type of birth.

Aug 16, 2020

Chronic UTI and Pelvic Floor Issues

I have dealt with UTI's, chronic urinary pain, and countless doctors over the past 13 years of my life. Seeing Ellen was like a breath of fresh air. She taught me more about my body in 2 hours than anyone has in 10 years. I feel more in control of what is happening and hopeful that with her guidance I can heal from the inside out without anything invasive. Ellen is extremely intelligent, intuitive, and well studied so I trust her with this highly sensitive issue. Excited to continue our work!

Jul 17, 2020

Vaginal Scar Tissue

I don't know anyone who removes vaginal scar tissue. I didn't even know it was a thing. So when I was introduced to Ellen's work, I was thrilled. Every woman/mother should experience Ellen's bodywork to release trauma down there - from sexual traumas to birthing traumas - even potty training trauma. It's all collected and trapped in there, ready to be released. You are in good hands. Ellen is educated, professional, present, knowledgeable, compassionate, wise, connected, in tune and unique.

Mar 11, 2020

Q: What was the percentage of improvement have you experienced in your sexual life since participating in our project?


A: "100%. It went up from zero! It's been amazing to feel so free to share and discuss everything without taboo, or shame. You have been so reassuring, understanding and so humble in sharing the knowledge! I deeply appreciate the support, the woman-to-woman connection and compassionate spirit. My sexual experience has improved 100%. It went up from zero! It has really helped and now our family just ROCKS!"

/// Evita Ramparte

"After I left my second session I felt happier that I have in so many years.  A wall was broken and I was able to welcome a piece of myself home. I am filled with graditude for the work you are doing.  I wholeheartedly believe in it's importance and urgency.  With your assistance I was able to connect the many broken pieces of my idenity. You taught me to love the path that I have taken."

/// Emily Malloy

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