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Who We Are


Ellen Heed, PhD, CSB

Founder, CEO, & Mentor

I’m a neurodiverse somatic sex educator, wildly curious about the multi-dimensional nature of human experience.


To pursue my curiosity while helping others I created STREAM, a rigorous program that produces skilled and perceptive practitioners.


STREAM also provides a crucible for personal development. We believe that deep, personal inquiry is required to attain just and compassionate competence while doing good work in the world.

STREAM practitioners facilitate whole health through the integration of individuals' physical, emotional, and existential bodies.


Modeling holistic inclusion, we dissolve the scars that disturb and distort informational exchange between essential dimensions of human health. Repair is always possible.

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Rachel Fell

Marketing and Coaching Director

I’m Rachel. I’m a coach, consultant, guide, and strategist, creating perspective-change that achieves real-world results.


Even as a little girl, I was a systems-focused, abstract thinker. I was always after creating more context for the bigger picture–the why, the what, and the how.


I'm fascinated by the connective tissue between ideas, concepts, people, and change, and I love modeling how these pieces fit together to make functional sense.


I provide STREAM students with honest reflection and guidance rooted in positive regard, serious horsepower for problem-solving, and relational, co-created support.

You’ll experience the breadth and depth of honest exploration and assessment alongside positive collaboration and dialogue when working with me.

I’m passionate about exploring what’s possible when human consciousness deliberately seeks to grow and expand for the greater good of our interconnected reality and future.

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Jeannie Williams

Workshop Facilitator, Student Support, & Teacher

I'm Jeannie, and I love facilitating STREAM workshops. I've been involved with STREAM from the beginning and feel so gratified by witnessing the positive growth and development of the program.


I'm here for you when you're in the thick of it whether it's during the intensity of your STREAM program or a STREAM workshop. I'll help you with orientation, grounding, logistics, and self-care.

My background in acupuncture, glandular, and organ energetics helps me help you whether I'm teaching anatomy, bony reciprocals, or how to handle everything from digestive issues to thyroid health.  

I look forward to meeting you at a STREAM workshop soon!

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Bob Niemerow

CFO, Troubleshooter

As the STREAM back-of-house manager, I help STREAM students attain their goals by resolving any technical issues that come up when undertaking this challenging and gratifying online learning journey.

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