Ellen Heed is the creator of STREAM
Scar Tissue Remediation, Education, and Management


Ellen Heed is a pioneer and expert in therapeutic scar tissue remediation, integrated bodywork, and whole health. 

Ellen has helped hundreds of women heal pain & discomfort caused by pelvic floor trauma and injury. Ellen holds a Ph.D. in somatic psychology.

With over 20 years spent teaching anatomy and physiology, doing hands-on and hands-in bodywork, and training others in her multi-disciplinary approach, she's now sharing her knowledge and insights with practitioners online and around the world.

STREAM is embodied education for hands-on therapy and remediation of scar tissue

STREAM 2020 is in progress, and sign-ups for STREAM 2021 open soon. Stay tuned for more information! 

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"The transformation in my body, both internally and externally, has exceeded my expectations. 
My body is now functioning at a much higher level than it was when I began, and my quality of life has unquestionably improved." 
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