STREAM stands for...
Scar Tissue Remediation, Education, and Management


Ellen Heed is a pioneer and expert in therapeutic scar tissue remediation and integrated health. 

With over 20 years teaching anatomy and physiology, doing hands-on and hands-in bodywork, and training others in her multi-disciplinary approach, Ellen is now bringing STREAM's leading-edge philosophy and methodologies to students across the globe.

Ellen is an expert on scar tissue, and has helped hundreds of women heal pain and discomfort caused by pelvic floor trauma and injury. She's now sharing her knowledge and insights with practitioners online and around the world.


STREAM training is for practitioners of all stripes looking to connect the dots between scar tissue, client narratives, and physical symptomology. 

Ellen holds a Ph.D. in somatic psychology, her dissertation a groundbreaking work on the nature of pelvic scar tissue remediation.



STREAM is scar tissue remediation, education, and management for people seeking autonomy, relief from pain, and health you can feel in your body. 


STREAM certified practitioners meet you where you are—they tune in to your story and your state, holding space to discover, assess, and connect the dots in professional relationship.

Through meaningful education, facilitated self-discovery, and pelvic mapping, STREAM works to resolve pain and blockage from scars–both physical and unseen.

STREAM is leading-edge education for the remediation of physical and psychological scar tissue

Our second STREAM cohort is in progress, and sign-ups for the STREAM 2022 cohort will open soon. Stay tuned for more information! 

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For Practitioners Looking to Shift the Paradigm

STREAM is about working with scar tissue–both seen and unseen.

The relationship between scar tissue, emotions & psyche, biochemistry, and biomechanics is an inextricable one.

In order to remediate scars of all types, we must we willing to unlearn the mind-body split, and to see the body, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs as both intimately connected as well as distinct. 

STREAM practitioners are massage therapists, pelvic floor PTs, nurse practitioners, midwives and doulas, yoga teachers, health coaches, psychologists, educators, and more... if you work with clients who have pain and blockage, then STREAM might be for you.