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STREAM stands for: 
Scar Tissue Remediation Education and Management 

This professional training is open to bodyworkers and somatic professionals who wish to work with therapeutic genital touch in their practice.









We also offer pre-training online modules to assist students with an interest in doing this work who do not yet have scope of practice to touch the pelvic floor. Please contact us to see if STREAM is right for you.


  • Sexological Bodyworkers

  • Physician's Assistants

  • pelvic floor PTs, PAs & OBGYNs

  • acupuncturists

  • birth & postpartum doulas


  • nurses

  • midwives

  • acupuncturists

  • yoga teachers

  • bodyworkers


"An encyclopedia of wellness knowledge and an expert practitioner to boot."

Other Professional Trainings


2 day Pelvic Floor Anatomy Intensive

Online lecture plus live Q & A for the anatomy most relevant to sexologists and Sexological Bodyworkers. We will explore pelvic floor muscles, connective tissue, and the muscle/emotion/scar tissue  connection.


3 days: Bodywork Skills for Sexological Bodyworkers workshop

Take your Sexological Bodywork practice to the next level by developing and refining touch skills with craniosacral and deep tissue technique and fascial restructuring tools. In this training you get answers to the following questions:














4-day Scar Tissue Remediation & Trauma Skills for
Sexological Bodyworkers


In this hands-on training, you will learn about the biodynamics of scar tissue and deepen your mapping and palpatory skills. We will also go deeper into somatic presencing skills to learn how to work with trauma if and when it arises.


  • How do you find the relevant muscles?

  • How do you work with emotional release?

  • How do you work with certain acupuncture points to promote release and increase relaxation?

  • How do you find the most efficient way into any clients' nervous system? 

  • How do you know whether to work crainal-style or do deep tissue and where to start?

Training Videos

How a Professional Training Benefits You

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