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Scar Tissue Remediation, Education, and Management: 

STREAM Training for Work in the Pelvic Floor

"An intergalactic guide into the body that has me riveted with intrigue
satiated with nourishing knowledge and wanting to learn more."

Why STREAM training?

Working inside the pelvis can be difficult. Orientation is a challenge, since the territory is hidden. The pelvis can be a nexus in the body for pain, and it’s not always clear whether its source is biomechanical, biochemical, emotional or scar-related. It takes time to learn your way around, and often trainings don’t offer sufficient time to instill confidence while working inside the pelvis.

87% of women who have children end up with scar-related problems, which include incontinence, prolapse, and painful sex. In this intensive training, you will learn the critical role that scar tissue can play in women's pelvic, reproductive and sexual health. Scar tissue remediation is at the cutting edge of the new skills needed in order to work effectively and holistically with birth injuries, obstetric, and gynecologic surgeries. These include colposcopies and hysterectomies, endometriosis, gender reassignment surgeries, intersex interventions and non-specific pelvic pain. In this training, the emphasis will be on working with vulvas and reproductive organs.

Underpinning effective treatment is accurate assessment. To work effectively with scar tissue, you must learn how to work within four domains of functional health. During this course, you will learn crucial assessment techniques that will lead to powerful results in your practice. These assessment skills will include: asking the right questions during your intake; palpating for digestive system imbalance; palpating and releasing abdominal adhesions; palpating functional pelvic restrictions; mapping and releasing scar tissue both internally and externally, and emotional tracking skills. You will also learn active and passive techniques to use castor oil, how and when to use clays, and self-help protocols and techniques for your clients to use on their own.

This eight-month, 350-hr intensive training will provide the necessary skills for assessment and treatment of a broad range of women’s pelvic health issues. The course runs over an 8-month period inclusive of online lectures, Q&A group calls with instructors and three live intensives occurring in Los Angeles (see details of modules below). We will teach how to use the Four Domains of Functional Health as a vehicle for accurate assessment and scar treatment. Learn how to help your client at all levels, what to, do when to do it, and how to know when you have succeeded in moving your client toward better pelvic health.

These quick videos explains why this so important.

  Sharpening Your Bodywork Skills The 4 Domains of Sex Health                          What A Sexological Bodyworker Will Learn in a STREAM Training

Who is STREAM training for?


This professional training is open to bodyworkers and somatic sexologists who work with genital touch in their practice, including Certified Sexological Bodyworkers, midwives, acupuncturists, and obstetric osteopaths. We also have yoga teachers, massage therapists, and therapists in the training. We welcome diversity in sex, gender, sexuality, age, body type, ethnicity and ability.  This is a practical workshop and all attendees will be required to both give and receive internal and genital touch. 

*$500 non refundable deposit if you withdraw for any reason. Enrollment is limited to 28 students. This is the last STREAM training offered in 2018. The last STREAM training sold out within two months. Claim your space soon.

Course Outline

Online Home-study begins June 19th
In-person weekend: July 19-22 in Los Angeles
A 50-hour, month-long course

Everyone needs to know more about sex. For professionals who want to work directly with sexuality by doing pelvic floor work in their practice, this workshop will offer an embodied approach to doing your own sexual work, boundary making, and somatic sex education so that you are genuinely available to help others. Shame keeps us small. We confront it over the course of one month so we can help others as well as ourselves to step out of its confines.

*You can take Exit the Shame Matrix without taking the full STREAM 2.0 training. This module is $1000. Please apply here, or using the application above.




Online Home-study begins July 16th
In-person weekend: August 16-19 in Los Angeles
A 50-hour, month-long course

Accurate assessment and palpation skills illuminate pelvic anatomy and improve your results when undertaking manual therapeutic work in the pelvis. Effective pelvic therapy requires skilled, informed hands. You need to know what you are touching, where it is, and how to touch it. Understanding that Eros informs the quality of your touch will improve your hands-on skills and create informed, effective boundaries. Learn accurate assessment to increase client compliance for improved therapeutic outcomes.

*You can take Radical Touch without taking the full STREAM 2.0 training, but you must take Exit the Shame Matrix first. This module is $1000. Please apply here, or using the application above.


Online Home-Study begins August 27th- Nov 3rd
At-Home Study, Group Learning, & Personal Practice - 120 hours online

Online learning covering anatomy and theory will happen during weekly online lectures, with homework, bodywork exchanges, and assessment practice in your local area. Most of the theoretical and anatomical learning will happen on our dynamic and interactive online learning platform. Ten weeks, ten online lectures, video demonstrations, assessment instruction, and bodywork practice sessions. Plan to spend at least 12 hours a week learning - that’s 2 hours per day, with one day off each week. Attendance at the group intensive is contingent upon full participation and completion of the online home study of this course. Monthly group Q&A with Ellen and Kimberly (August, September, & October)

Los Angeles, CA November 8-18 (Day Off: Tuesday Nov 13th)
Hands-On, Hands-In, In-Person Group Learning - 70 hours in Los Angeles

Over ten days of intensive focus, we will work hands-on with each other and on volunteer models in clinical practice sessions. There is ample time for Q&A, and experiential learning with Ellen, Kimberly and our fabulous assistants. The intensive in- person part of the STREAM Training course is dedicated to hands-on, hands-in practical experience with close personal instruction and supervision. The main focus of this ten-day intensive will be direct experience in the territory. We will work with people of all genders during this training.

Home Practice with Supervision Nov 28, 2018 – Feb 10th 2019

Supervised Practice Sessions - 40-50 at-home hours,

including 10 hours of Online Group Supervision, Q&A and Personal Supervision & Certification: 40-50 hours

For STREAM Level One Certification, sixteen sessions and one in-depth case study must be completed and approved by February 10th 2019. Monthly Q&A calls with Ellen and Kimberly will provide supervision and students will receive one-on-one supervision from our skilled staff. Level Two Certification includes repeating the entire STREAM program as a coach for 1st year students, and successful completion of four in-depth case studies from your practice.

*Modules 1-5 are mandatory to complete the full STREAM training. 


Students who achieve an adequate level of competency as decided by the facilitators will be awarded the Certificate in STREAM, Level 1. 

More Information:


For the complete policies, pricing, and course description, please download the informational booklet below.

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