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"Are You in Pain Down There Since You Had a Baby?"

The physical and emotional trauma that a mother may experience during childbirth is a taboo subject that has left many women suffering in silence. Ellen Heed and Kimberly Johnson believe that it is time for clear, open, and substantial discussion of this vital topic. They share their wisdom on the topic as two health care revolutionaries at the forefront of helping women heal after the momentous experience that is childbirth.

Ellen Heed - Interview with Dr. Sarah Gottfried

In this in depth interview with Dr. Sara, Ellen describes the Four Domains of Functional Health that either promote or block the free movement of vital energy, chi, or prana, The fundamental human right to experience radiant health is blocked due to imbalances in the biochemical, biomechanical, scar tissue, and emotional domains. She goes further - to provide some great basic sex education and explains how women experience “herection”. 

Ellen Heed -- Interview with Tabby Biddle

In this interview Ellen talks about what exactly a Sexological Bodyworker does and goes further into an explaination of how the Four Domains of Functional Health act as either obstacles or opportunities for women's experience of snesual and sexual pleasure. She then explains how, together, Sexological Bodywork and STREAM are revolutionizing women’s health and sexual empowerment.

Kimberly Johnson - Interview with Laura Catone

Kimberly explains the changes that are common in the pelvic floor, vagina, and orgasms after child-birth in this interview with Lara Catone.  

Kimberly Johnson - Interview with West Coast Trama Project

Kimberly shares what exactly being a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Experiencing practitioner means to her professionally, in her practice as a prebirth and postpartum birth facilitator. She shares some funny and uncomfortable moments from her hands-on, hands-in experiences, and also her excitement about becoming a leader, at the frontier of a new whole-person approach to working with mothers both before and after the baby.

Kimberly Johnson - Interview with Dr. Warren

In this interview Kimberly talks about some common pelvic floor issues for women postpartum. Along with describing what can happen in the pelvic floor as a result of birth, she expains ways women can heal, and what can be done during pregnancy to prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

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