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Scar tissue: [a important & unacknowledged problem] 

Scar tissue interferes with a surprising number of physiologic functions, such as blood delivery, nerve delivery, and lymphatic drainage.


Scars also cause pain by impinging nerves. Constant compression creates inflammatory responses in pain-sensitive tissues. The irony is that nerve compression causes inflammation, which then causes more scar tissue to proliferate.

STREAM is the gold standard of practitioner trainings

STREAM is Scar Tissue Remediation, Education, and Management

STREAM is scar tissue remediation training for advanced wellness practitioners and professionals eager to learn profoundly effective scar tissue remediation from one of the field's greatest minds and most celebrated set of hands.


This two-year certification program is akin to a graduate-level course in integrated healership, and is perfect for massage therapists, doulas, midwives, pelvic care professionals, wellness coaches, and more.

Students join the STREAM certification program to learn and level up in every way. They learn the ins and outs of scar tissue and its influence, expand their scope of understanding and practice, learn leading-edge perspectives and methodologies, and integrate and embody their own potentiation.


STREAM-certified practitioners are trained in some of the most integrated and comprehensive curriculum on the planet: they deeply understand the influence of scar tissue on health, the primacy of the autonomic nervous system, the Four Essential Domains of health, and more.

STREAM is gold-standard scar tissue education – certified STREAM practitioners are wellness providers who truly understand scar tissue and know how to resolve it. and This professional training will teach you how to get results that resolve client pain and blockage from scars on every level.


Ellen Heed is a pioneer and expert in therapeutic scar tissue remediation and integrative health. 

With over 20 years spent teaching anatomy and physiology, practicing groundbreaking bodywork, and training others in her advanced, integrated, and multidisciplinary approach, Ellen is now bringing her leading-edge methodologies and teachings to students across the globe.

Ellen is a pioneering expert on scar tissue and has helped hundreds of women heal from pain and discomfort caused by pelvic floor trauma and injury. 


STREAM training is for practitioners of all stripes looking to connect the dots between scar tissue, client narratives, and physical symptoms. 

Ellen holds a Ph.D. in somatic psychology, her dissertation a groundbreaking work on the nature of somatic intelligence, advanced methodological approaches, and pelvic floor scar tissue remediation.


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Are you a doula, massage therapist, health coach, or other health professional looking to uplevel your skills? We have three certification tracks available!

Do you have pain or prolapse due to scars? Are you looking to connect with a STREAM practitioner? We can help you.

You've come to the right place!

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For Wellness Professionals Who Want to Have Real Impact

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Scar tissue – both physical and emotional, seen and unseen – is a profound and unacknowledged influence on health that Western medicine doesn't quite yet understand, prioritize, or address properly. 

STREAM Certified Practitioners are uncommon, leading-edge health professionals – curious, deeply caring, inclusive and integrated in their approach. STREAM Certification offers three certification tracks and is perfect for massage therapists, pelvic floor PTs, nurse practitioners, midwives and doulas, yoga teachers, health coaches, psychologists, educators, and more.

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To remediate scars in earnest, something here. Our bodies, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and symptoms are intimately connected. Closing sentence here.

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